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Nudged By Client iRobot, World Travel, Inc. Builds Customizable Portal Product 

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By Jay Campbell | November 15, 2018

New York — World Travel Inc. is targeting the end of the first quarter of next year to release a new portal product that gives corporate clients more control to display what they want to travelers and managers. Buyers can configure sites differently by country, and include not only typical travel management applications but also videos and social content.

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What's An ESOP And Why Did A Big Travel Management Company Adopt One? 

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By Jay Campbell | January 4, 2018

One of the world's largest corporate travel agencies, Pennsylvania's World Travel Inc., before the new year announced it established an employee stock ownership plan. The company issued new shares in December as it became 100 percent employee-owned.

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For information about the breach of Sabre Hospitality SynXis Central Reservations System (“Sabre Hospitality CRS”), please click here.



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