Protecting Your Company And Travelers Post COVID-19

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Traveler safety has never been more important, and with travelers returning to the skies Post-COVID it is essential for travel managers to have access to all your traveler data. World Travel, Inc.'s proprietary product, WorldWatch,  provides travel managers and travel arrangers with easy-access to itineraries and risk assessment data to monitor the status of trips and identify
potential disruptions.

WorldWatch is a comprehensive real-time disruption and risk assessment solution providing end-to-end monitoring of a traveler’s journey to ensure that invested parties are notified and can act when changes occur. 

WorldWatch offers several key features to help you manage your program.

Identify & manage trip disruption situations

Global 360° view on all travelers anytime, anywhere

Current travel conditions based on airport, flight route, and location status

Real-time notification pop-up messaging

Active Traveler Monitoring

The Active Travelers view provides a comprehensive view of all travelers with trips within 48 hours. It provides airport and location status, flight status information and full traveler itinerary details.


Flight Board View

View flight board for active travelers to easily identify projected delays. The Flight Board view provides access to: traveler name, flight details, flight status, and delay severity.


Traveler Contact List

View travelers list with available contact information. The Traveler Contact List view provides email and phone contact information for all of your travelers in one central location. This view also allows you to filter by VIPs or status.

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Travel Advisories

WorldWatch provides travel advisories and country risk ratings sources from the US State Department. This view identifies travelers impacted by an advisory and allows you to easily share advisories with impacted travelers.


CO2 Emission Tracking

WorldWatch offers insights into your company's carbon footprint. From WorldWatch you can easily transform your flight display board to display carbon emissions to see your travelers environmental impact.


WorldWatch Can Revolutionize Your Program

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