Global Monitoring to Simplify Your Program

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WorldWatch is a powerful global monitoring system developed by World Travel's innovation team. Our goal was to develop a solution that addressed the challenges faced by travelers when their trips are impacted by unexpected events like flight disruption or global events that could compromise their safety.

WorldWatch is a comprehensive real-time disruption and risk assessment solution.  Our proprietary solution offers true end-to-end monitoring of a traveler’s journey to ensure that invested parties are notified and can act when changes occur. 

WorldWatch offers several key features to help you manage your program.

  • Identify & manage trip disruption situations
  • Real-time “chat” with travelers with instant notifications when assistance is needed
  • Global 360° view on all travelers anytime, anywhere
  • Current travel conditions based on airport, flight route, and location status
  • Real-time notification pop-up messaging

WorldWatch Can Revolutionize Your Program

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