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World Travel, Inc. offers a variety of cruise vacations at a discounted rate and, in some cases, with special onboard amenities. Click below to learn more about these special departures.


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Ocean Cruises

All aboard your dream vacation! With today's innovative onboard amenities, diverse dining options, wellness offerings, high-tech services, and exciting itineraries, there is something for everyone at sea!

Reasons to plan an Ocean Cruise:

-Relax while you travel
-Enjoy multiple destinations and only unpack once
-Cruise fun for everyone with plenty of onboard options
-Make the most of your vacation time


River Cruises 

Unlike any other travel experience, River Cruises are as much about the journey as they are the destination. In one luxurious, all-inclusive vacation, you can hit all the stops on your bucket list as you cruise along the scenic rivers that the world has to offer.

Reasons to plan a River Cruise:

-Hassle-free experience
-Luxurious accommodations in each cabin
-Ever-changing scenery 
-Unique way to explore as you dock right in the heart of cities and towns