Quality Control to Improve Your Travel Program.



WorldQC Can Help Simplify Your Travel Program

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Data Verification

Ensure policy compliance by customizing your online booking tool to offer only trip options that meet your travel policy standards, online or by agent. Need to gather specific information about your travelers? We'll develop customized scripts that ensure information for every trip is obtained.

  • Gather traveler information
  • Expedite expense reports
  • Verify contractor specifications

Point of Sale and Ongoing Fare Analysis

When you book a trip online or with your agent, we examine all possible fares in the global distribution system – not just those offered by your preferred vendors or those being sold out of certain airports. If a fare decreases after the ticket has been issued, a notification is sent to your agents so that any allowable adjustments can be made.

Ticketing & Compliance

Automated Seat Checker

WorldQC monitors if a better fare or flight becomes available, so that your reservation can be upgraded. We can cross-reference your seat selection with the seat preference in your profile. If a more desirable seat becomes available, we can secure it for you.

Preferred Supplier Compliance 

To help improve your negotiated rates, WorldQC helps ensure your preferred suppliers are always offered when possible, encouraging your travelers to book with them.

Touchless Fulfillment

WorldQC audits reservations made online without the assistance of an agent. If a reservation passes the quality control checks, WorldQC will auto-ticket it.

Customizable Rules Engine

Need to set up booking parameters for your travelers? Our customizable rules engine allows you to set “if x, then y” rules that encourage policy compliance and optimize travel dollars. Want to be informed if a traveler books a flight out of policy? Want to require approvals on all trips booked over a certain cost? Want to require approval for all trips? We can set up these rules, to help make your job easier!


Unused Ticket Tracking and Application


When a reservation on a non-refundable ticket is cancelled, your agent or WorldQC will send the cancelled ticket to traveler’s profile. If that traveler calls in to book another flight, the agent can see that an unused ticket is waiting for redemption, and if the traveler books online with an online booking tool, the unused tickets will appear beneath the relevant carrier as a reminder to use them.

Request a Demo

WorldQC can offer your company piece-of-mind when booking all your travel. Contact us today for a demo of this tool!

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