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At World Travel, Inc. meeting your program needs isn't a revenue driver. Consulting Services is provided at no extra cost to your travel program.

Our Consulting Services department is a hands-on, high-touch and integrated piece of our travel management product. This team of experienced consultants will optimize your supplier agreements and oversee your annual negotiations and RFPs to bring more value to your travel program. 

We invest in trusted industry products, like Incompass© and Cvent for Business, so you reap the benefit of detailed pricing comparisons and product knowledge. All your travel trends and costs can be tracked through WorldAnalytics.


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Airline Contracts

  • Complete all corporate or agency fare requests and follow-up for airline contracts fare filing
  • Perform contract reviews, offering recommendations to maximize savings
  • Review airline carrier proposals to determine potential savings
  • Offer guidance on airline contract questions
  • Manage Incompass© reporting tool and offer expert analysis of generated reports
  • Provide Incompass© - generated reports such as agreement snapshots, vendor savings, and what-if scenarios
  • Assist with special requests as needed

Negotiated Hotel Programs

Negotiated Hotel Programs

  • Manage/negotiate hotel programs from the analytical process through final negotiations
  • Provide hotel directories to clients with World Travel, Inc. negotiated programs
  • Leverage our relationship as a preferred partner of Cvent for Business, a leading corporate hotel RFP tool
  • Utilize proprietary Hotel Rate Auditing tool to report and track hotel rate loading process
  • Offer hotel savings report that identify different areas of savings

Car Rental Services

Car Rental Services

  • Review proposals and provide potential savings
  • Manage RFP process
  • Review current agreements and offer consultative recommendations
  • Offer side-by-side comparison and analysis of all offers
  • Provide industry updates and trends


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