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Travel Insurance Information



In today’s rapidly changing travel climate, World Travel, Inc. is here to help you not only navigate your reservations, but also to help you protect your travelers whenever they are traveling for business. We have partnered with several leading travel insurance providers to serve all your travelers’ needs.


Annual Business Travel Coverage 

This 12-month policy is designed for the frequent traveler. Whether your travelers travel by air, rail, or car they will have peace of mind knowing they are covered. The Annual Business Travel policy is valid anytime your travelers travel more than 100 miles from home and covers things like travel delays or lost luggage plus medical coverage while on the trip. Click HERE for pricing and policy information. 


Individual Personal Insurance

Ensuring you are protected when planning a personal trip has never been more important. With Individual Personal Insurance you can rest assured that you are covered when things go wrong, from travel delays, medical treatments, or hospitalizations. The premiums for this insurance vary based on the price of the trip. Click HERE for pricing and policy information. 


Group Travel Insurance

Taking the family on a group vacation? Have a group of co-workers traveling on a group incentive trip? We have you covered for that as well! This coverage protects everyone on the trip and will offer a refund back for covered reasons. It will refund the person traveling or the company if the group is paid by an employer. It is an affordable option to keep your group safe and sound. Email wmesales@worldtravelinc.com for more information.


Student Group Insurance

Offering students around the globe coverage is so important. This policy is affordable and offers an upgrade to “cancel for any reason” coverage. It is for student groups of all types from middle school to college level. Email wmesales@worldtravelinc.com for more information.


Insurance Partners

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World Travel, Inc. is here to support you throughout all your travel journeys. To learn more about what insurance package best fits your needs, please visit www.worldtravelinc.com/insurance for policy details and to purchase your policy.


*Disclaimer: World Travel, Inc. is not an insurance provider. All policies and coverages are operated by licensed insurance providers. All restrictions and exclusions are outlined in the terms and conditions of each policy. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand all details of their policy prior to purchase.