Partnership further bolsters the Partner Market and provides valuable travel data to clients

Exton, PA - March 3, 2021 - World Travel, Inc. is proud to announce that it has partnered with Journera to offer clients a full view into their travelers’ entire journey. The partnership will provide clients access to information across travel verticals that don’t currently interact, allowing them to harness data that can revolutionize their travel program.

“We are thrilled to offer Journera’s capabilities to our clients,” said Rock Blanco, Chief Innovation Officer at World Travel, Inc. “Historically there has been a been a gap in traveler tracking for travel managers. Journera offers a full view of the traveler’s trip from the time their boarding pass is scanned at the gate to the time they check in and out of their hotel. Not only will Journera further bolster our Partner Market, but it will also help our clients’ travelers feel more comfortable returning to travel.”

Founded by travel and technology industry veteran Jeffrey G. Katz, Journera is a real-time data exchange platform for creating more seamless travel. Journera provides a global view of each traveler’s itinerary from airlines and hotels, to parking, ground transportation and more. The platform also enables touchless experiences like automatically reserving a rideshare based on real-time flight information to avoid crowds at the curb or dispatching a room key to the hotel guest upon flight arrival to facilitate 'contactless' check-in at the property.

“We are excited to be working with one of the most respected travel management companies in the business,” said Jeffrey Katz, CEO, Journera. “World Travel recognizes how our ‘complete journey view’ will help them provide an even higher level of service and duty-of-care to their corporate customers.”

World Travel, Inc. is committed to ensuring our customers’ travelers have the best experience possible as they resume their travels post-COVID-19. The new partnership with Journera ensures travel managers have access to every piece of travel data needed to ensure travelers remain safe and informed.


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Journera is a technology company that provides a secure, real-time data exchange for creating more seamless travel journeys. Through its platform, Journera creates a complete view of the traveler's journey in real-time, enabling travel-related companies to create better travel experiences that drive increased loyalty and direct engagement with customers. For more information, visit

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