All Staff Remain Employed!

Exton, PA – March 20, 2020 – While many TMC’s are continuing to lay off hundreds of talented travel professionals, World Travel, Inc. remains committed to their employees and the longevity of the company. While the company has taken steps to ensure they persevere from this pandemic, they feel these temporary steps provide the lowest possible impact to the team.

World Travel associates are behind saving all jobs and keeping World Travel healthy through this crisis. Temporarily, hourly employees have reduced their work week to 37.5 hours, and all salaried team members temporarily absorbed between a 10% and 15% pay reduction. The executive leadership team has volunteered to even greater salary reductions during the crisis.

As an employee owned company, and a company previously wholly owned by the Wells family, the Wells family has stepped up to provide additional relief during this crisis to also ensure the employment of all team members.

Liz Mandarino, President & CEO of World Travel, Inc., commented “While we cannot tell what the future will hold, World Travel, Inc. remains committed to ensuring that once this pandemic is over team members remain employed and fully engaged - ready to support our customers.”

World Travel, Inc. is the fourth largest independent travel management company in the United States, according to BTN Magazine. The company has achieved this ranking through organic growth and without mergers or acquisitions. It is an industry leader in travel management for mid-market companies. For more information, visit