New Offering Improves the Traveler Experience and Provides Insights into The Overall Program

Exton, PA – December 3, 2020 – World Travel, Inc. and Tripkicks are excited to announce a partnership to enhance the traveler experience by providing actionable insights for trips, and guidance on appropriate spend and behavior for employees using the SAP Concur Travel booking tool. By leveraging Tripkicks’, World Travel, Inc.’s clients using the SAP Concur booking tool will be able to provide insights and alerts to travelers about health and safety, trip disruption, destination intel, COVID-19, supplier intelligence, and other custom messaging to make travelers more informed. Tripkicks was recently awarded the People’s Choice Award at BTN Innovate.

“With the integration of Tripkicks into the SAP Concur Travel platform, we are able to support our client’s recovery to travel during COVID-19” said Julie Deppe, Vice President of Enterprise Technology at World Travel, Inc. “Restoring traveler confidence is key to this recovery. We all have responsibility to ensure that travelers are safe, informed, and confident, and this new offering will help to do just that.”

Tripkicks can reduce travel spend with dynamic rate targets and improve policy compliance by calling attention to preferred options. Clients can also introduce incentives to motivate employees to spend less on their business travel. Tripkicks’ clients have seen savings of over 15% on the average business trip.

“Beyond duty of care, supplier compliance and gamification are key strategies for any travel program. Tripkicks compliments World Travel’s strategic partnerships in ensuring we have a holistic offering” said Ivan Imana, Chief Information Officer at World Travel, Inc.

“World Travel recognizes the critical role that technology and innovation plays in creating a safe and positive traveler experience.  We're proud to be part of that equation.", commented Jeff Berk, CEO at Tripkicks.

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Tripkicks is a simple add-on for business travel programs that provides actionable insights for trips, guidance on appropriate spend and behavior and an enhanced traveler experience. Known for its innovative solutions for business travel programs, Tripkicks is on a mission to make business travel better. Enterprise organizations rely upon Tripkicks to take their travel program to the next level, by improving policy compliance, reducing travel spend and enhancing traveler satisfaction. Tripkicks is based out of New York City and serves a client base across the globe. Learn more at