A Comprehensive Traveler Safety Monitoring System  

Exton, PA – May 13, 2020 – World Travel, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of WorldWatch to our expansive product suite. WorldWatch, built by World Travel’s experienced innovation and product management teams, provides travel managers and arrangers instant access to global travel information ranging from delay indexes to associated risk warnings. WorldWatch also offers insight into current COVID-19 hotspots.  

The product offers travel managers and arrangers access to flight status, global event, and itinerary updates with instant notifications and traveler contact information. WorldWatch also features an interactive risk assessment map with real-time up-to-date travel advisories and risk ratings, providing the data intelligence managers need to monitor traveler safety from departure to destination. The system’s classic flight board view displays traveler status and potential delays at a glance.
“Traveler safety and duty-of-care concerns will always be our top priority,” Chief Innovation Officer Rock Blanco said. “WorldWatch combines state-of-the-art monitoring technology with an integrative notification system that alerts managers and planners of potential disruptions in the traveler’s itinerary.”  
WorldWatch supports its monitoring capabilities by connecting travelers’ itineraries to several proven risk management resources. These include travel advisories from the U.S. State Department, live airport delay indexes from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), flight status updates from OAG, and an added integration with TRAXO that automatically captures out-of-policy bookings.
These resources are connected to individual itineraries and provide unique, real-time updates on each traveler’s location and status.
“Our goal was to create a system that gave travel managers and arrangers clarity and travelers peace-of-mind,” Blanco said. “This tool pulls from an exhaustive collection of resources to ensure that travelers are protected, disruptions are anticipated, and help is always nearby.”

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