Keeping Travelers Informed

Where are your travelers?

Right now, in this very moment, who is on the road? Who’s in the air?

How many of your employees are scheduled to be traveling to San Francisco for that tech conference the week you’re in New York for the ACTE Global event? Imagine there’s a health alert in China; which travelers were going to that global conference in Shanghai? Are they back yet? If you happen to hear about a public transit strike in Germany, which travelers should you notify?


Here’s the point:

You’re busy. You’ve got a lot going on. And your travelers are all over the globe. No matter how good you are at your job, you can’t be a helicopter parent, constantly hovering over every single traveler to hold their hand and provide personal updates for them.

Of course, they’re traveling constantly and in every direction, which makes it hard to keep tabs on them, and even harder to keep informed. There’s a lot that happens to affect travel and travelers all over the world. Sharing this information with your travelers helps them be prepared, and helps you fulfill a small portion of your duty of care as an employer. But how to manage it all?


Have we got great news for you.

The latest addition to the WorldAlerts™ Suite was created specifically to help with this purpose. Our new TripAlerts™ are powered by Intelliguide, the same service that helps us send out GlobalAlerts™ to our travel manager subscribers. But instead of sending all travel alerts based on subscriber preferences, TripAlerts™ has been engineered to assist the traveler based on destination.

When an event occurs that affects travel, WorldAlerts™ communicates with to WorldIntelligence™ to determine precisely which travelers might be affected. It does this by checking traveler PNRs, or booking records, for any trips booked to the area of the alert. Then, WorldAlerts™ triggers the applicable TripAlert™ to the traveler.

The system is automatic and intuitive. It ensures that travelers receive information that is vital to them, without receiving all the GlobalAlert™ emails we provide to travel managers.

TripAlerts™ has a 5-day window pre- and post-trip, so it will notify a traveler if there are localized issues beginning five days before departure to five days after return. This way, travelers can make a change in advance of a trip (if there is a major earthquake two days before departure) or can be aware of issues after they return (if there is a health warning issued directly after the traveler returns).


Make travel simple

As your company grows, your travel footprint grows. And as your travel footprint grows, your travelers are covering more space than you may be able to keep track of. They say it’s a small world, but have they tried to manage 600 global travelers coming and going in all directions at once?

Innovations like TripAlerts™ can harness the information aggregated by a trusted provider like Intelliguide and use the nuance of WorldIntelligence™ to ensure that the right intel is provided to the right traveler. That means the travel manager has more peace of mind and less helicoptering to do.


Image via Unsplash by Antonio Lapa
Chesley Turner

Written by Chesley Turner