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What's In A Name?

By Chesley Turner on August 12, 2016 12:50 PM

5 Tips when Updating Your Travel Profile

Summer’s coming to a close, and the fall travel season will be ramping up sooner than you think. Before all those business trip requests start adding up, make sure your bookings go smoothly (and your rewards points start racking up) by updating your travel profile.

1 - Update Your Profile. Yes, This Means You.

New travelers? Make sure you’ve completed your profile. Road warriors? It’s probably time for an audit. Because let me tell you, taking 10 minutes right now to make sure everything is listed as it should be will save you lots of frustration in the future.  Schedule a calendar reminder in the fall and spring to review your profile and update anything that needs changing.

2 - Legal Name, Please. Be Consistent.

You already know you have to list your full legal name as indicated on your license, passport, and other forms of Government I.D. (this isn’t amateur hour, after all!). But here’s a tip you may not have heard: take the time to log into each of your Rewards Programs and Members Programs (air, car, hotel, train, AAA – you name it) and make sure your full legal name is listed on those profiles, as well. Occasionally, rewards points won’t sync because of a name discrepancy. So if “Thomas” is on your passport, don’t sign up for a rewards program as “Tom.” Better safe than sorry!

3 - Check Your Expiration Date.

Do your bookings hit a corporate card? When was the last time that card was updated? This one’s a biggie, especially for non-frequent fliers. You don’t want your booking held up by an overdue expiration date

4 - Update Your People.

There are a lot of people to list on your Traveler Profile.  There’s your emergency contact, your travel booker or assistant, and some accounts can even update a manager or travel approver. Make sure all their content is current to prevent confusion when you’re ready to book.

5 - Save While You Update. Constantly.

There is nothing more obnoxious than filling out all of your rewards numbers, closing the window, and realizing you forgot to save. Whether or not the system you’re working in has auto-save, click that “Save” button feverishly.

Easy tips? Yeah, sure. This isn’t rocket science. But a completed profile means swiftly-completed bookings. And then we can all be happy!

Need a way to tell all your travelers to update their travel profile? Use this:


Chesley Turner

Written by Chesley Turner