As we all slowly begin the process of phasing back into society, cities and states are opening up,  people are getting back to work, and while travel may seem like something to come later, now is the time to think about what travel is going to look like for your company. Inevitably, you will have to adjust your travel policy, for some those changes may be minor, but for others now will be the time to really mandate that travelers follow your policy to ensure their safety – and your company’s. 

To help you understand where to start we have put together some tips for you to consider when assessing your policy.

  • Define ‘Approved Travelers’: Are you going to allow everyone to ramp right up and get back on the road the day your state opens? Maybe, maybe not. But making it completely clear who is allowed to travel – and who may have to wait – is so important to eliminate any confusion among your traveler base.
  • What is ‘Essential Travel?’: If your company is taking a phased approach to reinstating travel, you may be looking to phase ‘essential travel’ back in before things like convention travel. Make sure your policy clearly outlines the types of travel your organization deems ‘essential’.   
  • Out of Policy Bookings: Do you know where all your travelers are on any given day? If not, it is more important now than ever, and managing any out of policy bookings is crucial. Mandating that travelers adhere to your travel policy and book only through your TMC ensures you have a complete view of your traveler’s whereabouts.
  • Align Corporate and Travel Policies: Travel may not be the only area of your business adjusting. When you look at possible changes to your travel policy make sure you are involving your HR, Legal, Security (or any other department) to ensure your new policy aligns with the overall approved processes and procedures company wide.
  • Hotel Program: Earlier this week, GBTA endorsed the postponement of 2020 Hotel RFP season to 2021 in an effort to develop a mutually beneficial Hotel RFP for both buyers and suppliers. Time will tell what the 2020 hotel season looks like, but while we wait to see what happens, this may be a great time to negotiate with hotels who previously would not. They may be more inclined to work with you to find a solution that benefits both your organizations. Another key feature to focus on is assessing their cleanliness and sterilization processes to ensure they are up to your corporate standards.
  • Traveler Safety Kits: While this one may not be a policy change; it is certainly a nice gesture to provide your travelers when they do begin to travel on behalf of your company again. Assembling small traveler safety packets will go a long way to make your travelers feel comfortable, you can include small bottles of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, disposable gloves and a face mask.

There are many areas of your policy that can be adjusted to ensure a successful - and safe - travel program for your company. But if you need additional support understanding where you should focus your efforts to make changes World Travel, Inc. is here to help.

Phylicia Sierer

Written by Phylicia Sierer