The Benefit of Travel Management
In a Word: Savings.

The proof is in the pricing!

In today’s market, you have options when selecting a Travel Management Company. If your program isn’t mandated, your travelers also have options when shopping for airline tickets. The Internet age allows so many freedoms – but is having more options always better? What if we as your TMC can prove that, with long-term consistency, our agents are able to find better pricing for the same tickets priced by other ticketing avenues, such as airline-direct booking and using Online Travel Agencies?

At World Travel, Inc., we like to keep tabs on our own performance. Once a year, we asked Topaz International to audit our bookings against online booking sites. We submit the bookings we make for clients who have asked we find the lowest fare, and Topaz International compares them to Online Travel Agencies and airline-direct pricing. Our results are consistent, and improve year after year.

The overwhelming results speak for themselves (and we can’t wait for you to see them).

Spoiler Alert: Over the past 4 years, World Travel, Inc. has offered pricing that is equal to or better than Online Travel Agency pricing an astounding 97%  of the time. According to Topaz International, anything above 94% is superior.

And don’t think that we’re spinning the numbers. If you just look at how many times we flat-out beat our competitors when it comes to pricing? We came in with a better price 54.74% of the time.

But Travel Management (as any travel manager, or consultant, or executive admin will tell you) is so much more than just price point. So as part of our new Research Study, we pointed out what the numbers don’t show.

Ticket Management
Travel Program Fidelity
Price Authenticity
Service Excellence
Duty of Care



Maureen DiLello

Written by Maureen DiLello