World Travel, Inc.'s first-ever virtual symposium featured engaging discussions presented by representatives from American Airlines, International SOS, and Johns Hopkins' University.

Our attendees had several questions for our presenters throughout the symposium. We've gathered those questions, and the answers provided by our presenters, here.

Q&A with Jim Carter of American Airlines

1.  Will passengers be able to change the names on their tickets?

Yes, Corporate accounts receive one fee name change during the validity of tickets purchased on or before May 31, 2020.  World can process this complimentary name change in the their GDS without a waiver code.  A contracted corporate travel agreement must be active and the ticket must contain a valid CART or JBID in the endorsement box or tour code field.  

2.  Will AA be selling all seats on any given flight?

To further create more space inflight, we’re making updates to seat assignments through May 31,            2020.


Onboard seating

  • We’re limiting the number of passengers on each aircraft through May 31, 2020.
  • We’re refraining from assigning 50% of main cabin middle seats.
  • Seats near flight attendant jump seats remain unassigned.
  • After boarding is complete, customers have the flexibility to move to another open seat within their ticketed cabin to create more space inflight for their comfort, as long as there aren’t any aircraft weight or balance restrictions

   3.  Are aircraft being fogged?

   Yes, for more information please see

  4.  Is there a link to the AA microsite?

  Yes, Please see

  5. What is determining when middle seats are assigned as you indicate that you are not assigning
only 50% of middle seats?

  Load factors.

  6.  How are you addressing bathroom cleanliness on long haul flights?

  Please see

  7.  Are you doing temperature checks before flight crews board?

   Starts Jun 1

  8.  What if someone tries to board without a mask or if they don't have a mask are you providing it?

  Yes, on most flights

  9.  Why is AA not reimbursing seat assignment purchases?

  We would need to research specific case.

 10. Will all the measures adopted by airlines for traveler safety be diluted once on TSA lines and subsequent security checks by TSA agents?

 AA does not dictate TSA policy and protocols but we are confident that TSA is also adopting safety measures for all customers.

11.  How long do you anticipate contract performance leniency to last for? 

We would need a crystal ball for this question, however we will work with all our clients in this unprecedented time!

12.   Has supply and demand of hygiene products been considered and assessed in planning?

 Yes, Please see

 13.   Have they thought about UV technology for cleaning?

Yes, it's being investigated.

 14.   How about first class?  Any social distancing?

Social distancing is difficult  to achieve on an aircraft. We will try and not assign seats to create some distance between passengers  when possible.  

 15. Are there going to be mandated extensions for unused tickets?

 Our Ticket Extension Policy requires travel to be completed by December 31, 2021.

  •    For unused tickets for Travel March 1-Sepetember 30, 2020
  •    Or any unused tickets due to expire March 1, -September 30, 2020

 16.  What is required for passengers who cannot wear a face mask for health reasons?

  No medical documentation required, passenger’s just need to communicate to AA Team members.

 17.  What are the requirements for young children regarding masks? What age limit will AA apply to this exemption?

 Any child two years old and younger will not be required to wear a mask

 18. What do the airlines need to prove there is a health issue preventing the consumer from wearing a mask?

No medical documentation is required. They just need to communicate to our AA team member if  they have a medical condition.

Q&A with Andrew Miller and Jeremy Prout

1. Does International SOS have a template of a Travel Risk Management format?

We recommend an Assess, Advise & Assist format to build a Travel Risk Management program - for more information, your clients can review the following site:

 2. Where is International SOS in the process of improving the quality of their data, particularly in terms of changes and cancellations?

We are working in conjunction with our TMC partners and our data processing partner to improve data delivery timeliness quality and specifically enhancing the process for changes/cancellations once received by International SOS.

Jimmy Davidson

Written by Jimmy Davidson