Sun. Sand. Cocktails. Relaxation. BLISS! For most of us, it’s been over a year since we’ve had the luxury of vacationing. But as vaccines become more accessible and confidence in travel continues to increase, those glorious days relaxing by the sea are more attainable than ever.

World Travel’s SVP of Client Services, Barb Cubbler and SVP of Operations and E Operations, Tracy Murgas just came back from a week of R&R with their husbands in Cancun Mexico. We sat down with Barb and Tracy to talk about their experience and get some tips for travel to Mexico.

  1. A recent article from TravelPulse highlighted how air travel between the U.S. and Mexico is on the rise, can you talk to us about your experience traveling to Mexico?

Traveling to Mexico was easy. We arrived at the airport two hours before our flight to Cancun and breezed through security in less than five minutes. The airport and TSA were extremely clean, everyone was wearing a mask, hand sanitizer was accessible throughout the airport, and social distancing was being implemented. We all truly felt so safe and secure at the airport.

Our American Airlines flight to Cancun was on a Saturday and it was not a full flight, so all middle seats were unoccupied, and they had everyone spaced out as much as possible. The food and beverage services available depend on the class your seats are in during the flight. First class does have full meal and drink services during the flight. If flying Coach, you are given a water and a snack upon boarding. If you are in Coach definitely consider stocking up before your flight so you have plenty of drinks and snacks.

  1. What were the COVID requirements prior to flying to Mexico and then flying home to the U.S.?

Mexico does not have any testing or quarantine requirements when flying into the country. We were able to board the plane and get off the plane in Mexico without any issues. When flying back to the United States you are required to take a COVID test and have proof of a negative result prior to re-entry. Our resort, like many others, had the COVID test pre-scheduled for us 72 hours before our departure. All we had to do was show up for our COVID testing appointment at the hotel, they completed the rapid test within five minutes, and we were informed that as long as the test came back negative we would come back to the testing site in 24 hours for our official negative paperwork.

We were told if the test would come back positive (which has only happened four times in 2021 at our resort) the resort does put guests up in a room for the quarantine period and covers the cost, they also facilitate any medical treatment/support the infected guest may need.

  1. How was your experience in Cancun and at the resort?

We stayed at The Excellence Playa Mujeres and it was fabulous. Once we landed in Mexico, we had a private charter to the hotel, and our driver ensured we had access to hand sanitizer, and he wore a mask the entire trip. At the resort, it is very apparent that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. They have sanitizer all over the resort, and hotel employees wore masks and kept their distance from other guests. At check-in the front desk staff all had plexiglass between them and the guests. We were also asked at check-in if we wanted our rooms to be cleaned or not during our stay. We chose to have the normal daily cleaning routine.

The resort is only open at 40% capacity right now, so there was plenty of space to maintain social distancing from other guests. What really stood out was that many guests at the hotel, most of which were Americans, did not wear masks while out and about. We did find out after talking with other guests that a lot were healthcare workers from the U.S. who already had the opportunity to get vaccinated.

The restaurants, bars and amenities were open, and we were able to enjoy everything the resort had to offer during our stay.

  1. What did you have to do when you returned to the United States?

When returning to the U.S. from any other country travelers are required to present a negative COVID test to reenter the country, and then upon reentry you are required to quarantine for two weeks.

  1. What would you tell people considering travel to Mexico?

Go! Contact the World Travel, Inc. leisure department and book your trip now! It was one of the best vacations we have ever had. It wasn’t crowded and everything was open and accessible. Plus, after not traveling for a year it was a much-needed time away from the computer and gave us an opportunity to unwind and relax after a very crazy and stressful year.

Phylicia Sierer

Written by Phylicia Sierer