It’s no secret that advanced technology can serve as a powerful and useful tool in our everyday lives, whether personally, professionally, or both.

For travel managers, specifically, the right technology can mean the difference between chaos (i.e. drawn-out, manual processes) and a streamlined, data-driven, less stressful work day.

To simplify the reporting process, we will soon release a new and improved reporting platform. The new WorldReports™ will not only give travel managers quick access to accurate data on their travel program, but it will also eliminate the need for manual processes that slow them down.

But don’t take my word for it…

I recently sat down with World Travel, Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Fauls, who has overseen and directed this project since its inception. When asked about the new enhancements and their relevance for the travel manager, Ryan was excited. He described many game-changing improvements, but for brevity’s sake, here are the top five.

1. Data Quality Controls

We placed additional validation logic at the technology and business layer to ensure data quality, including additional post-booking quality controls.

What does this mean for you? We’ve validated the data, so you can rest assured that you are working with the most accurate information.

2. A Holistic Access Point

Users will sign in to a new web application (to be named World Gateway) that will provide access to all of World Travel, Inc.’s technology solutions, including the NEW WorldReports™ and WorldApprovals™. The best part is you would only need to remember one password to access all your travel solutions.

Through our mobile app., WorldMobile™, access the most important reports while on the go, including the “Where Are My Travelers?” Map, and the Arrivals and Departures reports.

3. Customizable Reports

Not only can you create new reports, but you can also customize any existing report as well, using easy sort, filter, or drag-and-drop options.

Should you prefer it, you can still request custom reports from your Account Manager, and these reports would have a significantly decreased turn-around time.

4. Shareable Reports

As an enhancement, the new WorldReports™ will have file sharing functionality. You will be able to email a report (as a link) to a colleague, or even a group of colleagues. Or, you can simply add the report to a shared folder.

Pro Tip: No longer will you need to export your reports and visualizations to share via PowerPoint at your next executive meeting. Simply change the setting to “Presentation Mode,” and you’ll be all set. If you’re asked a specific question, you can bring up other data sets within seconds.

5. Ability to Save & Schedule Reports

Don’t have time to run a custom report every month? No problem! Save it to “My Reports,” where you can access it at any time. Or, schedule the report to be sent directly to your inbox, either by date or on a recurring basis.

Imagine all the time you can save with these new capabilities… what will you do with it? Is there other work you can shift your focus to? Will you take a vacation?

At World Travel, Inc., we are excited to release the new WorldReports™ and to hear your feedback. The updated platform will be accessible in a few short weeks, and the current version will remain available through the end of October.

Stay tuned – we’ll be sharing more information (and the release date) very soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the new platform, just ask your dedicated Account Manager.

Tiffany Zerby

Written by Tiffany Zerby