In our very own version of Ask the Experts, World Travel, Inc. has tracked down our C-Suite to get a list of their dos and don’ts for travel success.


What’s your #1 travel tip? You get ONE.



in no particular order...

Maribeth Minella
EVP, Human Resources and Corporate Counsel

Number of Trips per Year: 8

“I’m going to sound like a nerd. I collect my professional reading, either the physical copy or by downloading it, to read on the plane. It’s like my continuing education, en route.”


Kevin Martin
EVP, Business Development

Number of Trips per Year: we can’t count that high

“Put personal items in the same place every time, so you always know where they are. You know, keep your keys in the same pocket every time you travel, put your wallet in the same pocket every time you go through security, keep your charger in the same place. You get the idea. That consistency saves you the struggle of trying to find misplaced items.”


Liz Mandarino

Number of Trips per Year: 20 (including several to Europe)

“Update that passport! Your passport has to be valid for at least six months after your scheduled return. If it’s not, you won’t be flying.”


Barb Cubbler
SVP Client & Consulting Services

Number of Trips per Year: 37 plus road trips

“I always keep a packed bag with all the essentials.” (Barb gestures to actual packed bag, sitting on the floor in her office, ready to go.) “I’ve got toothbrush, toothpaste, a spare charger, my headset – all the essentials. Ready for the unexpected road trip, at any moment.”

(Barb may actually be a CIA agent.)


Dee Runyan

Number of Trips per Year: 20

“Have plenty of empty pages in your passport. If you don’t have enough, you won’t be allowed to fly. And it never hurts to be prepared, in case, say, an unexpected ash cloud means you have to take a train through several countries to get to a part of the continent that has departing flights. If you’re a real road warrior, you may even want two valid passports – one to use and one in case you are applying for a travel visa."


Tracy Murgas
SVP of Business Solutions

Number of Trips per Year: 5

“Always leave home early. Expect the unexpected traffic delays on the way to the airport.  ...Also, I play Christmas music when I get stressed out.”


Maureen Brady
EVP of Client & Consulting Services

Number of Trips per Year: (We’d ask her, but she’s on a trip.)

“Hola! Bonjour. Kon-nichiwa. Jambo! It's always good to know basic conversational phrases in the native language of where you’re traveling. Odds are, they’ll know English, but a little effort goes a long way when you’re visiting a new country or culture. So know your greetings, how to find the bathroom, and how to ask for your preferred beverage. And have fun with it!”


Ryan Fauls
Chief Information Officer

Number of Trips per Year: 10

“Take some time beforehand to look at the meeting location compared to your destination airport. You can map it out on your favorite travel app. It saves you rush and stress if you know where you’re going and how best to get there.”


Jim Wells

Number of Trips per Year: as few as he can manage

“Charge your iPad before you go. And your iPhone. There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic or in a terminal or on a tarmac unable to check email or make a phone call or catch up on your travel news.”

(Jim tells us he checks the World Travel, Inc. blog for news, and he also subscribes to CTSN. You should, too.)


Pam Zager
EVP, Operations and Strategic Planning

Number of Trips per Year: 35

“This may be too technical an answer. But check your fare class. If you’re likely to change your trip, make sure to read the fine print. If a price seems too-good-to-be-true, it probably is. Does it allow you to pick seats or check bags? Can you make changes to the ticket if your plans change, or will you be stuck paying for it even if you don’t end up being able to use it?”


Michael Farrell
SVP, Events and Communications

Number of Trips per Year: 20-25

“Early is on time, and on time is late. Don’t add unnecessary stress to your trip because of all those things you can’t control, like traffic, long security lines, and meetings that run overtime. Get to the airport early, and take advantage of the extra time wisely.

…And, by all means, don’t ever forget Kevin and leave him at home!”


Chesley Turner

Written by Chesley Turner