Things are looking up.
As in: Hotel average daily rates, hotel occupancy, and the total cost for your hotel stays in 2016.

But don’t worry. World Travel, Inc. and our partners are teaming up so that we can offer you the very best hotel rates possible.

“Our team is finishing up 2016 hotel agreements, which have really kept us busy for the past few months. But that’s a real benefit to our clients – not only because it helps limit their total costs, but it also gets them rates they might never have gotten, otherwise.”
Kelly Wagner, Director of Consulting Services at World Travel, Inc. is back after the holidays with great news for our clients. Our Consulting Services Hotel Team wrapped up 2016 renewing hotel pricing deals for our clients, and helping them secure better rates than they could get on their own. “We know what a good hotel rate actually looks like, taking into account your total room nights, your culture, your policy, and your travel footprint. And we help our clients- from the most seasoned travel manager to the ones who just don’t have time to learn it all – lock down the best pricing available.”

But what about when your traveler has to book outside of your preferred hotels? How do you make sure you’re paying the lowest possible rate? Did you know that every hotel booking made through World Travel, Inc. allows you to take advantage of the best rates available? Through the Radius Hotel program, and now through our partnership with InterContinental Hotels Group®, all World Travel, Inc. travelers are offered the very best rates at any hotel affiliated with these groups.

Announcing: The Great Rewards of our IHG® Partnership


New for 2016, World Travel, Inc. has a partnership with IHG (InterContinental® Hotels Group). Regardless of whether you have a preferred relationship with them, you can benefit from our partnership. IHG is also offering an amazing bonus to all World Travel, Inc. travelers. For every stay your traveler books and consumes at an IHG hotel under the World Travel Preferred Hotel program rate code in 2016, they will get 250 EXTRA IHG Rewards Club Points*. So make sure your travelers update their travel profiles with their IHG® Rewards Club membership number, and then sit back and collect the kudos as they rack up the points that they can use for their vacation time!

*traveler’s IHG® Rewards Club number needs to be in the reservation

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Speaking of vacation time – those extra IHG Rewards Club Points count for our leisure group, as well, so if you book at IHG® on vacation, make sure to ask your agent to use the IHG® designated rate access code, so you can rack up your points!

Chesley Turner

Written by Chesley Turner