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How to Survive Winter Travel

By Maureen DiLello on December 9, 2015 1:20 PM

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Tips to help you get where you are going hassle-free during those pesky winter travel months.

Winter Travel. We’re sure each one of you has a story about your "favorite" winter travel experience. Did you stay overnight airport overnight after a flight cancellation? Did you miss a business meeting because of delays?

We all dread winter travel. But here are some simple tips to help alleviate the winter travel blues.

Check Your Flight Status
Sounds simple, right? But due to weather, flight times change often in the winter. Always check your flight status before you leave your house. Make sure you know your gate and departure time before arriving to the airport. Also, if you use WorldMobile™, you'll get free FlightStats™ pushed right to your mobile phone if there is a cancellation or last-minute gate change!

Allow Plenty of Time to Get to The Airport
The lines are especially long during the Holidays. Leave for the airport a half hour earlier than you normally do. We bet you’ll thank us as you sip on your latte waiting to board the plane, stress free. The winter holidays are stressful enough; don’t let winter travel be one of them!

Print your boarding passes and check your bag ahead of time. You’ll avoid the long check-in lines.
If you use your phone as your boarding pass, take a screenshot of the barcodes and QRs as back-up, just in case your internet connection is unreliable at the airport. Finally, check-in as soon as you can, usually 24 hours before your flight. The earlier you check-in, the better your chances of boarding before the carry-on luggage storage fills up.

Use a Packing List
It happens. About one hour after you leave your house, you realize you forget something. Use a packing list to avoid those “Oh no!” moments at the airport.

Pack Extra
Bring multi-functional extra wardrobe pieces, just in case your travel plans change. Consider a sweater that doubles as a blanket, or jeans that you can dress up or dress down.

Carry On if You Can
Carrying on is much easier, and you avoid the possibility of lost luggage. You also get the added bonus of a little arm workout when lifting your bag into an overhead bin. Pro tip: if you can't lift your bag into an overhead, you've packed too much.
Always carry on essentials like keys, medications, valuables, and anything critical for business meetings.

TSA PreCheck
TSA PreCheck sends airline passengers through security lines quicker. Say goodbye to those long, time-consuming security lines! TSA PreCheck puts travelers through a thorough background check, takes fingerprint scans from applicants, and costs $85, but in return, traveling can become much less of a pain.
To learn more about TSA PreCheck, you can visit TSA’s website.

Travel should be simple and World Travel, Inc. is here to make sure it is. If you find yourself needing assistance this winter travel season, call your designated Travel Consultants. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even during snowstorms.

Maureen DiLello

Written by Maureen DiLello