Know your audience. It’s one of the basic rules of marketing and product development, and it also applies to managing a successful travel program.

That’s why, when developing our 3.0 release of WorldMobile™, we asked a very important question:

How do we delight the traveler?

The answers to that question resulted in the development of four major traveler-delighting features in our soon-to-be-released WorldMobile™ 3.0 app.

1. Profile Access at Your Fingertips

Our travelers wanted a more effective way to store their rewards numbers. Rather than dropping an isolated note into a travel wallet, they wanted to access and update their traveler profiles quickly and easily. Most importantly, they wanted updates to replicate to anyplace traveler profile data is stored. Luckily, by using some new profile management technology that World Travel, Inc. has recently implemented, our mobile app allows just this.

Travelers can open and update their traveler profiles through WorldMobile™ 3.0, and any updates will duplicate in their OBT profile and in the interface that the agent sees if they call to book. Next time you check in at a hotel and the desk agent asks if you want to join the rewards club, pull up your WorldMobile™ app and enter the new number right into your traveler profile. It’ll synch down to all of our systems, just like that.

2. FlightStats Notifications

Our travelers wanted to know last minute flight changes quickly. World Travel, Inc. provides FlightStats notifications via WorldMobile™ at no added cost to the user. Applicable notifications show up

  • as Travel Alerts at the bottom of the menu screen
  • on the flight segment page of a specific itinerary
  • as optional push-notifications from the WorldMobile™ app

Now your gate changes, delays, and rescheduling updates come straight to your WorldMobile™ app – often before the airline provides its own updates.

3. Integrated Itineraries

Our travelers wanted to see their entire trip at a glance. Tired of tracking down different confirmations for the same trip? Now, if a traveler needs to book outside of World Travel, Inc. (for example, to book a hotel room within a meeting block), they can forward that email confirmation to WorldMobile™ and it will seamlessly integrate into their World Travel, Inc.-booked segments for the same trip, forming one master itinerary in the mobile app. View every segment of your trip in one place.

4. Streamlined Check-In

Our travelers had a simple complaint: “It seems silly, but when I’m checking in for a flight and I move from my confirmation screen to the airline check-in page, I forget the confirmation number.” So we’ve streamlined the check-in process via WorldMobile™. When you click the “Check In” bar on your itinerary flight segment (which appears around 24 hours before your flight), WorldMobile™ transfers you directly to the airline’s check-in page and auto-copies your confirmation number. Just paste it in place and complete your check-in process.


Now, these aren’t the only improvements to WorldMobile™ 3.0, but they arguably offer the most direct benefit to travelers. And happy travelers are more likely to be policy-compliant, which helps with duty of care and cost-savings initiatives.

Learn more about the new WorldMobile™ app.

Chesley Turner

Written by Chesley Turner