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Disney Vacations Post-COVID Tips

By Rashida Jones on April 22, 2021 10:01 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to parents and children alike to begin and end their day staring at screens with little to no contact with others outside of the immediate family. The fatigue of Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings can take a toll on anyone’s mental health and while there is a glimmer of hope with more and more Americans becoming vaccinated, the urge to retire the daily meetings is needed now more than ever. Rejuvenate the family and get the kids interacting again in the Happiest Place on Earth – Disney World! Learn tips and advice for making the most out of your Disney Park vacation below.

1. Make your Reservations in Advance!

Before the pandemic, Disney was a high in demand vacation spot. Now that the signs of the pandemic ending have become more apparent, it is essential to have your reservations planned in advance. World Travel’s Leisure Consultants will be able to assist in providing all you need to understand the process, and what health and safety requirements are to be expected.

2. Dining Reservations Required

While not all dining locations are open, and with limited seating, and outdoor options, you must make reservations ahead of time when eating at the Disney Park. While there indoor seating options are available, there are plenty of outdoor options as well. Most restaurants use a QR code to view the menu on your phone instead of a physical menu.

In addition, Disney has implemented a rule against eating and drinking while walking around the park, while this may seem inconvenient, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a midday snack or a beer while inside the park. There are fewer food booths than previous years, but there are tables provided where you can take your mask off and enjoy a tasty snack and drink at a safe distance.

3. Bring Chargers - You'll Need Your Phone - A LOT!

As stated above, in order to reduce contact, menus are downloaded onto your phone and there are apps to view times for park rides. Chargers will not be provided for park guests but charging stations will be available. Along with your wallet and other items, bring your charger with you.  

4. Food Service Availability Has Changed. 

During the pandemic with sit-down indoor restaurants becoming more of a rarity than it used to be, apps like GrubHub and DoorDash can be quickly pre-ordered and picked up in order to avoid the long lines and close contact prior to the pandemic. Disney is also using this method to avoid congestion around the food courts and long lines. This is for your safety as well as the Disney employees safety.

5. Bring Your Water Bottle.

Besides being a plus for the environment, bringing your own water bottle or saving water bottles reduces the chance of standing in lines and contact with other park goers. There are water stations located throughout the park.

6. Bag Checks Still Mandatory.

Disney is taking health and safety very seriously. Therefore, before any park goers can enter, temperature checks are required. Standard policies are still being implemented as well. Guests should expect to submit bags to be checked as well as go through a metal detector.  For a list of prohibited items, consult a World Travel Leisure Consultant or visit the Disney park website.

7. Don't Forget Your Bags at the Airport.

 Disney Magical Express is located on Level 1 at the Orlando Airport, please claim check luggage at the carousal before walking to the Magical Express as Disney is not offering the service to drop checked bags at your resort during COVID. Disney’s Magical Express Service provides transportation for Disney resort hotel guests. Due to the pandemic reservations are required to use this service. If you wish to use this service, speak with a World Travel Leisure Consultant.

8. Bring Hand Sanitizer.

Disney has taken steps to ensure that all park goers and employees are always protected. This has been done through the previously mentioned temperature checks before entering the park, masks being mandatory and strictly enforced, and hand sanitizer stations located throughout the park, as well as before and after each ride. There are also handwashing stations with soap and water as well. However, it’s easier to always carry a small hand sanitizer bottle with you, especially traveling with children where safety is secondary for a chance to meet their favorite Disney character.

Disney Park has always been a place for adults and children to escape reality and provide a safe haven for those who are young at heart. While it’s not possible to entirely escape from the current reality, that doesn’t mean your Disney vacation has to be put on hold for another year. If you wash and sanitize your hands, wear your mask as requested, and make your plans in advance, you can get yourself and the kids offline and interacting again.

For more information, or to book your next Disney vacation, please contact World Travel’s Leisure Consultant and Disney Expert Nicole Isaac to book your next Disney vacation.

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Rashida Jones

Written by Rashida Jones