Meetings are a wonderful thing - we go, we network, we share ideas, and we learn! But what about everything that goes on in the background? How do you get everyone to the meeting with as little stress as possible? Booking all those airline tickets can be time consuming and downright tedious, so there must be a way to make the process easier, right?!

What if we told you that two of the tools you (may) already have can make the registration and air travel process seamless for you? World Travel, Inc. (your ever trusty TMC/MMC) can help you simplify meeting planning by harnessing the power of your existing Concur Travel and Cvent tools.

How does it work?

The integration process is simple. All you have to do is let World Travel, Inc. know that you would like to connect your Concur Travel account with Cvent. Our internal teams will handle the setup and provide you with a direct secure sign on from Cvent into Concur.  This direct link will allow your attendees to register for the meetings and book air travel simultaneously in one fluid process. Once the registration is complete, a confirmation page with both meeting and travel details will be sent directly to the attendee.


But what if you’re planning a hybrid meeting, and your attendees expect to be able to book online or through an agent? No problem!

The Cvent/Concur integration works in both the fully automated environment as well as the agent-assisted environment. If your attendee prefers to book everything through an agent, all they have to do is call. Their registration and air travel will be booked under the same policy as those who book online, and the details will all be captured to provide seamless reporting.

Enforce Policy

Policy enforcement has never been easier.  Concur and Cvent can easily capture your designated meeting policy and enforce it based on the rules you set.   You can enforce as little or as much as you deem necessary. You can also rest assured that regardless of the method your attendee completes their reservation (online or via an agent), your policy will always be followed.

Policies are written directly into the Cvent & Concur Travel solution.

Reduce Cost

Cvent & Concur Travel offer enhanced visibility into meetings and travel spend to help you reduce associated costs. These tools collect the data needed to understand the current spend situation, and then help reduce costs by automating the entire meetings and travel process.

Automation can lower transaction/processing costs by up to 40%.

Cvent & Concur Travel’s integrated software solutions have been built to enhance processes within a company and provide end-to-end visibility into all corporate meetings and travel.

Simplify Reporting

Reporting is crucial to a meetings success. Once your invitees have booked and saved their travel requests in Concur, their information will be sent to Cvent, stored, and made available for reporting. Even if you are dealing with a hybrid meeting, you can rest assured that all the reporting will be available to you. It doesn’t matter which channel your attendee completes their reservation through - all the details are captured and available to you via your Cvent reporting platform.

Integrating can provide 25% more insight into meetings activity.

We Are Coming to Cvent CONNECT!

Want to learn more about how we make meetings simple?  Come see us this year in Las Vegas at Cvent CONNECT! Our team will be there to talk about all aspects of meetings management.

Banner Image by Benjamin Child via Unsplash
Phylicia Sierer

Written by Phylicia Sierer