Duty of Care


Duty of Care

How Does It Work?

WorldAware offers 24/7 operations to ensure clients have the intelligence, assistance, and response services they need when they need it. Their Global Intelligence and Global Assistance & Response teams maintain a “forward-leaning” posture that enables them to provide early warning to clients to avoid emerging threats and rapidly plan and execute precise operations in support of client personnel who need immediate assistance.

Their Global Intelligence Team operates in a follow-the-sun model, spanning four continents and consisting of more than 120 intelligence analysts and subject matter experts. WorldAware has developed and honed the tradecraft necessary to effectively exploit unclassified sources to create mission-driven, fused intelligence products and provide clients with early warnings and indicators of concern so they can take proactive steps to protect their personnel, operations, products, and reputations.

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About WorldAware

WorldAware offers timely, predictive risk intelligence to help organizations make the right decisions for their people and operations.

Intelligence-Driven Risk Management

In today’s world, threats can occur anytime and anywhere, even in locations traditionally thought of as safe. The availability of fast, accurate threat intelligence is critical to a risk management strategy.

Since 1999, WorldAware has provided integrated risk management solutions that begin and end with intelligence. At the center of their products and services is the expertise of over 150 intelligence and security experts who are watching all corners of the globe for geopolitical, terror, environmental, health, and other threats that put your people and your business at risk.

WorldAware is a GardaWorld Company. 

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