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Sanctifly members get access to the thousands of location options, travel wellness content and airport hacks to help improve their travel routine.  Practice travel wellness wherever you are by downloading the app today.


How does it work?

Open your app, select the airport and your travel dates. Choose your preferred activity and browse through the location options. Photos and in-depth details on each location option are available so travelers can choose the best one for their needs. Travelers can choose their selected location and receive a unique access code. Simply show the access code at the location and enjoy.

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About Sanctifly

The idea for Sanctifly was born from a simple question. If you don’t want to eat or drink at the airport, then what can you do? Karl Llewellyn, founder and CEO of Sanctifly, found himself asking that very question while sitting at O’Hare airport.

Travel stress has a severe impact on corporate well-being. With little to no healthy options available at airports, corporate travelers are forming bad habits that are affecting their physical and mental health. Frequent travel has a negative impact on our health.

Fighting jet lag, poor quality food and lack of exercise are just some of the factors they face. Sanctifly is a simple solution to a massive problem, answering the question, how to make regular travel better and healthier.

Sanctifly was founded in 2016 to help corporate travelers break their bad habits and stay healthy while travelling. Partnering with global companies to bring travel wellness to their employees, Sanctifly is the number 1 provider of healthy alternatives to airport downtime.

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