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Manage all corporate travel spend no matter where you book.

How Does It Work?

CapTrav automatically captures virtually any traveler supplier email, including boutique hotel chains, shared economy suppliers, rail, and black car limousine companies. CapTrav provides data in an easy to use dashboard. Our technology is unique in that we do not use spyware, browser extensions, and do not have access to your traveler’s email box. Our reporting system gives travel managers or category managers a clear picture of program leakage and a more holistic duty of care program. Using CapTrav's reporting, you have the tools to analyze your travel data and work with World Travel to build an even more robust travel program.


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About CapTrav

CapTrav was developed to help address the challenges facing traditionally managed programs. By seamlessly capturing all booking data no matter the source, CapTrav can help prove the value of your managed program by analyzing corporate travel program leakage while at the same time provide the data needed to gain additional supplier leverage, create a compelling business case to senior management to put more control on rogue spend, and provide the duty of care owed to travelers by knowing where they are traveling no matter the booking source.

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