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Virtual Pay Programs

AirPlus is a global corporate travel payment provider that provides better transaction data that improves reconciliation, travel compliance and supplier negotiations. They have been an innovator in the payment industry for over 25 years and are laser focused on leveraging enhanced travel data that provides businesses cost savings while simplifying the lives of their travelers.


How Does It Work?

AirPlus payment solutions give companies and their travelers the opportunity to integrate back-office processes while improving the travel and expense experience for business travelers. You receive a fully reconciled invoice that allows you to spend less time on tasks and more time on reviewing data to make better informed decisions that save your company time and money. AirPlus payment solutions solve business travel and expense pain points such as:
  • Reconciliation issues
  • Manual processes
  • Fraud concerns
  • Regulatory documentation requirements
  • Non-employee travel
  • Billing back clients for travel
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About AirPlus

AirPlus regularly sets new standards in the industry with its innovations. With a focus on new ideas and the customer experience, AirPlus is committed to developing innovative and successful solutions.

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