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Whether working from a laptop or a mobile device, WorldHub provides travelers and program managers with reliable, consistent companionship throughout their journey. With WorldHub, travelers can easily:

• View itineraries

• Download invoices for expense purposes

• Access preferred online booking platforms

• Quickly connect with designated World Travel, Inc. agents


Out of the box, WorldHub contains a template of curated resources to assist travelers on their journey. But it doesn’t stop there… WorldHub is loaded with a state-of-the-art content management module, that empowers program managers to customize WorldHub with relevant links, documents, videos, and pre-programmed applets. With a few simple clicks you can add, remove, edit, and even reorganize menu structures to better resonate with your traveler population.


Join us as we enhance and simplify the traveler and program manager experience by leveraging the flexibility of WorldHub. Because that’s what we do at World Travel, We Make Travel Simple.