WorldReports makes it quick and easy to access your travel data, allowing you to track your trends and pinpoint anomalies. This intuitive and proprietary reporting platform, built on SAP Business Objects 4.1, was custom created by the World Travel, Inc. team to benefit our clients.

About WorldReports

With over 300 reports, dashboards, and infographics, find the information you're looking for quickly and easily. And, with the WorldExplorer view, you can carve your data any way you like in order to identify trends.

Dashboard Interaction

Some of our most popular reports have been made into interactive dashboards. Manipulate your data with “what-if” scenarios to see how you can improve your program. Our new Performance Analytics Dashboard allows you to set goals for your travel program, and track your Online Adoption, Hotel Inclusion, Advance Purchase, and Exchange quotas.

InfoGraphics for Snapshot Data

WorldReports InfoGraphics aggregate multiple metrics to provide high-level information about your Travel Program, and Air, Car, or Hotel data. InfoGraphics are your at-a-glance tool for keeping tabs on your program data.

Find a Report

Use the intuitive WorldReports interface to find reports easily. Simple prompts clarify your data requests, and results may be exported to PDF or excel. Find a favorite report, or try one of our suggested alternatives.

WorldReports runs on Business Objects 4.1 which is optimized on IE9 and above, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.