Integrated with World QC, WorldApprovals is built entirely in-house. It provides tracking and seamless management of automated approvals and notifications.


Consider using WorldApprovals if your program:

  • Has tickets that require hard-stop approvals
  • Requires approval for a substantial portion of ticket purchases
  • Would benefit from an at-a-glance view of all outstanding approvals
  • Needs to improve expense records and tracking through better data


Benefits of WorldApprovals:

Approver can access a dashboard that offers a view of what tickets have been approved, which are waiting, and how long each approval takes.

Approver can request reports that include traveler name, request status, request-created date, approver email, and policy issues

Approver can update or add required data to a trip request (ie: department or group ID, etc.), which helps improve your expense data and tracking


What's in the Approval Email?

When, where, and where emails are triggered is up to you. Approval emails can be customized, but may include:

  • Trip Itinerary
  • Reason the trip requires approval
  • Lowest Fare Offered vs. Fare Reserved
  • Link to login to WorldApprovals and approve