As a World Travel, Inc. client, you will be kept up to date about major events that affect global travel. WorldAlerts are sent directly to travel managers.


WorldAlerts are sent to client travel managers with information on events that affect travel, worldwide. All recipients are initially opted in for Warnings and Emergencies, but can customize what type of alerts they wish to receive, based on destination, urgency level, category, and significance of travel impact.

Global Destination & Security Information

From all itineraries and WorldPortals, travelers can access a site that provides information and security intelligence on their travel destinations, including destination reports, news briefs, consular information, airport guides, culture and business etiquette tips, travel health information, significant dates, and risk assessments.

Travel Announcements

Occasionally, World Travel, Inc. will also need to provide specific information about how we are managing a specific travel disruption. At these times, clients will receive a World Travel, Inc. announcement with pertinent information.

To learn more, or to sign up for these Alerts, please contact