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World Travel Short Website Video


Product Videos

Our suite of WorldProducts has been custom-created to benefit our clients and maximize traveler and travel manager access to travel information. Watch our latest product videos below to learn more. 

WorldHub Short Version v1-1

Innovation that can go anywhere.

New World Watch Draft 10-1

Global monitoring to simplify your program. 

World Analytics v5

Simplifying your reporting and analytics needs.  

Text to Travel v2-1
Text to Travel

Simplifying the traveler experience. 

'Let's Go' Videos

Our new online series bringing you updates on airlines, hotels, car rentals, and all things travel as we emerge from COVID-19.

Lets Go Episode 1
COVID's Impact - Part 1

Mike Farrell, EVP Business Development sits down with Pam Zager, EVP Operations to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry and how World Travel, Inc. quickly responded. 

Lets Go Episode 2 - Pam Z
COVID's Impact - Part 2

Pam Zager, EVP Operations discusses travel waivers, travel recovery, and how World Travel technology is helping our clients restart their programs.

Lets Go Episode 3-Jim Pio
COVID Hits to Philadelphia

Jim Pio, Philadelphia Business Travel Association (PBTA) President shares the impact the pandemic has had on the Philadelphia region and how the city and tourism industry is bouncing back.

Lets Go Episode 4 - Ivan & Laura
Changing Jobs During a Pandemic

Ivan Imana, Chief Information Officer, and Laura Capiccioni, Global Sales Manager share what it is like to change jobs and join a new company amidst a global pandemic. 

Lets Go Episode 5 - George Gadebusch
World Travel Technology

George Gadebusch, VP of Technology and Product Sales sits down with Michael Farrell, EVP Business Development to discuss what World Travel, Inc. has been working on during the pandemic. 

Lets Go Episode 6 - Bedford Springs Part 1
Omni Bedford Springs - Part 1

In Part 1 of this 2 part episode, we hear from Bill Liedholm, General Manager at the Omni Bedford Springs, and Dave Nostrant, Director of Sales and Marketing about the road to recovery and how the property is adjusting to the new changes from COVID-19.

Lets Go Episode 7 - Bedford Springs Part 2
Omni Bedford Springs - Part 2

In part 2 of this episode of 'Let's Go!' Michael Farrell continues his discussions with the Omni Bedford Springs Resort. They talk through services available at the property and what guests can expect during their next stay.

Lets Go - Traveler-1
To Travel or Not To Travel - Part 1

Traveling during the pandemic is a big decision. In this week’s episode of ‘Let’s Go!’ Mike Farrell sits down with Kelly Brown from Vera Bradley who has traveled frequently throughout the pandemic.

Lets Go Non-Traveler-1
To Travel or Not To Travel - Part 2

Traveling, or not, during the pandemic is a big decision. In this week’s episode of ‘Let’s Go!’ Mike Farrell sits down with Dan Ostrosky with Triumph Group, who hasn’t traveled since February.

Lets Go 2020 Highlight Reel
Season 1 - Highlights
2020 brought a lot of changes and disruption to the travel industry, but through it all World Travel, Inc. was committed to keeping you informed with our new series, ‘Let’s Go!’. Watch now for highlights from our first season.
Lets Go Kristin And Phylicia
Virtual & Hybrid Meetings

Thinking about your next meeting or event and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Hear from two event professionals about  key steps to pull off a successful virtual or hybrid event and what tools and technologies can help wow your attendees!

Lets Go - Rock Blanco
Innovation at World Travel

 In this episode of ‘Let’s Go!’ Rock Blanco, Chief Innovation Officer sits down with Mike Farrell to discuss the new tools World Travel has put in place to safely help our clients return to travel.

Lets Go Nemacolin Part 1(1)
Nemacolin Resorts - Part 1

Ever wonder what it's like to stay in a place where a hit TV show was filmed? Watch as Mike Farrell takes a trip to Nemacolin Resorts in Farmington, Pennsylvania, where current season of The Bachelor was filmed.

Nemacolin Part 2
Nemacolin Resorts - Part 2

Part 2 of Let’s Go visits Nemacolin covers how Nemacolin, like World Travel, did not layoff or furlough any of their associates and how they used the time to re-engineer and refocus their efforts.

Lets Go Tanya Browne(1)
Return to Vacations

Vacations! For many of us it's been a year since we've had the luxury to take a vacation. In this episode Tanya Brown, Executive Director. Talks about the return to vacations and how travelers can prepare for their next trip.

Lets Go TravelBank
WorldHub Travel & Expense

Your one-stop-shop for your companies business travel and expense needs. Watch to learn more about how WorldHub Travel & Expense can improve your travel program.

Lets Go Keller Edited.mp4
World Meetings & Events

Mike Farrell sits down with World Meetings & Events VP of Sales, James 'Keller' Keller, about how the meeting industry is rebounding post-pandemic and how World Meetings & Events can help planners adapt to the new normal.


Mike Farrell sits down with Gerardo Spero, Federal Security Director with TSA Philadelphia.  They discuss travel trends during and post-COVID and how the industry is rebounding since the pandemic.

Lets Go ESOP (Miguel).mp4(1)

Traveling or not during the height of the pandemic was a difficult choice for many. And for Miguel Paredes, President, Prudent Fiduciary Service, LLC, the decision not to travel came at a huge cost for him and his company.


Event Recap Videos

Our events bring together clients, prospective clients, partners, suppliers, and the World Travel, Inc. team. These are prime learning opportunities, and facilitate networking with colleagues who may be facing the same travel program challenges and triumphs that you are.

Airline Panel - 2020 Fall Symposium
Fall Symposium 2020

Airline Panel 

Ground Transportation Panel - Fall Symposium 2020
Fall Symposium 2020

Ground Transportation Panel 

Hotel Panel - 2020 Fall Symposium
Fall Symposium 2020

Hotel Panel 

World Travel, Inc Innovations - 2020 Fall Symposium
Fall Symposium 2020

World Travel, Inc. Innovations

NYC 2019 Recap
Fall Symposium 2019 

October 34, 2019 

World Travel GBTA Convention Recap-1
GBTA Convention 2019 

August 3–7, 2019 

recap 5-23
Spring Symposium 2019 

April 25–26, 2019

World Travel, In at Concur Fusion 2019
SAP Concur Fusion 2019 

March 11–14, 2019