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Why World Meetings & Events?

Our award-winning Meeting and Event professionals are experts in planning and executing your Penn sponsored programs. Our team works with your program administrators to create the best travel experiences with ease and simplicity.


Venue Sourcing

  • Destination and Property Research
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Excursions
  • Onsite Staffing


  • Air Services including Charters and Group Block Space
  • Ground Transportation
  • Flexible Booking Solutions
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Meeting Technology

  • Custom Website Design and Development
  • Customized Registration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Virtual & Hybrid Events
  • Production/Audio Visual Management

Attendee Management

  • Registration Management 
  • Technology Integrations
  • Communication 
  • Budget Management 
  • Pre and Post Surveys
  • Reporting


Higher Education Travel Request Form

This form is designed to provide your program details. This will help us understand your needs and provide the best resource to assist in a successful program.

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Global Destination and Security Information

From all itineraries, travelers can access a site that provides information and security intelligence on their travel destinations, including destination reports, news briefs, consular information, airport guides, culture, business etiquette tips, travel health information, significant dates and risk assessments. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Which option is better? Individual or Group Airfare?

Booking a group rate is not always the best fare in the market however, it does allow greater flexibility when trying to organize the group details. Each airline carrier has specific “group rate” rules however, most do follow the basic requirements outlined below:

Group Airline Tickets:
• Group must consist of a minimum of 10 or more travelers
• Can reserve the space up to 11 months in advance without names
• Reservations are confirmed and require a small deposit
• Names and TSA/passport information is due approximately 45-60 days prior to departure
• Flexible name changes
• The group may qualify for free tickets based on the number of travelers
• The group may qualify for a meet and greet service provided by the airline
• Seats are generally confirmed in advance
• Improved travel experience for students

Individual Airline Tickets:
• Price might be lower than a group rate, these fares generally have a limited number of seats
• Highest restrictions; normally non-refundable, non-transferable, change fees
• Name of the traveler is required at the time of the reservation
• Tickets require immediate purchase

Do all travelers have to be on the same itinerary to qualify for a Group Airfare?

Most group fares allow for deviations, but this varies by airline. Groups can be one-way or roundtrip.  If an individual traveler only wants to travel one-way with the group, we can quote an individual fare for the traveler only.

How many bags can I bring on my trip?

Baggage policies vary based on carrier and destination. These rules will be reviewed prior to booking a group airfare.

Is there any difference in check-in requirements for a group airline ticket vs an individual airline ticket?

No, there is no difference in check-in procedures or requirements.

How can I pay for my group airline ticket vs an individual airline ticket?

Credit card is the preferred method of payment. Group airline tickets can all be billed to the same credit card.

Must I travel with a passport for domestic flights, if no, what would I need to travel?

Travel requirements vary, but after October 1, 2021 all travelers over the age of 18 will require a Real ID driver's license, state ID, or passport.

Why would I need assistance for Hotel Sourcing?

Our hotel sourcing team will do the work for you.  We can assist with determining the event location and once the host city is chosen the next step is to determine the logistics for the accommodations.  A member of our hotel sourcing team will work with you to find the accommodations that will meet your event objectives. We will present feedback and suggestions on items that will need to be considered to minimize your risk. We will provide the needed research along with the suggested contract negotiations for your events.

Do you have special hotel rates?

World Travel Inc. has over 30 years of experience as a Travel Management Company and through the years we have developed strong relationships within our industry.  This experience does allow for great negotiations and competitive pricing on behalf of our clients.  We can negotiate discounts to help you stay within your budget and assist with negotiating the contract to minimize risk.

Will I have a designated point of contact throughout process?

Yes, a resource will be assigned to your event and is your point of contact throughout the process. 

Who do I contact for individual travel needs not associated with a group?

Our vacations team is available to assist with all your personal travel needs.

World Travel, Inc. Vacations

Call: 1.800.451.5449

Email: vacations@worldtravelinc.com