The World Travel, Inc. Team is comprised of industry experts who are passionate about travel. We believe that our knowledge about the travel industry should be readily available to our clients, and therefore we regularly publish research in the form of informational slicks, studies, or white papers.

We encourage clients to learn more about the industry through this research, and engage with the World Travel, Inc. team to benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

The World Travel, Inc. Client Advisory Board

A key motivator in our research and knowledge dissemination is the World Travel, Inc. Client Advisory Board, a team of client travel managers who volunteer on an annual basis to provide insight and feedback to our Senior Leadership Team, and help us determine what travel industry topics require more consultation or explanation.

Topaz International Study

January 2016

Topaz International tracked booking data from Mid-January 2016 to Mid-February 2016 against data from airline-direct sites and OTAs like Expedia and Orbitz. They ran the numbers and then let us know how we stack up against the competition.

We're pretty happy with the results!


The Benefit of Travel Management: Savings

October 2016

We’ve compiled four years of data from our Topaz International Rate Audits, which compare our pricing to that of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and airline-direct sites. The numbers speak for themselves, resoundingly, and we invite you to take a look. But in addition to the quantitative analysis, we’ve also brought forth some of the integral parts of Travel Management that the numbers don’t show. There’s more to Travel Management then just finding the lowest price point. (Although, we do that pretty well.)

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